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Wills – Distribute Your Property As You Plan

Ensure that your family resources are directed to where you feel they should go upon your death. Settle disputes before they happen by setting forth your decisions in a last will and testament designed to distribute your property, financial assets, and other material goods according to your desires instead of the laws of West Virginia, which may contradict your wishes. If you already have a will in place, consult with estate planning Attorney Steed at our Parkersburg, WV office regarding whether any updates may need to be made to your will.

Trusts – A Legacy of Care

Create a stable financial future for a person or organization that you care about by setting up a trust. Trusts can provide a legacy of care for a loved one, someone with special needs, or to a group or agency who has meant a lot to you in your life. Call Attorney Steed to establish a trust to ensure the best management of your financial gift well into the future.

Power of Attorney (POA) – All Types

Did you know there are a few different types of powers of attorney that can be developed to cover legal or health-related needs?

Limited Power of Attorney: If you require short-term handling of very specific decisions in your stead when you are otherwise unavailable, a limited power of attorney may be appropriate.

General Power of Attorney: When you require someone to act in your stead on a permanent basis to handle your financial transactions as well as to make all other actions and decisions on your behalf (including signing your signature), a general power of attorney document is appropriate. This document ceases to remain in effect if you become legally incapacitated.

Durable Power of Attorney: Similar to the general power of attorney, the durable power of attorney confers the same powers to an individual to handle your affairs. However, this specific document remains viable until your death even if you become totally incapacitated. This is useful in order to avoid having the court appoint a legal guardian of their choice to handle your affairs.

Springing Power of Attorney: This power of attorney option, which essentially functions as a durable power of attorney, does not take effect until you actually become incapacitated. Accordingly, you must very clearly spell out precisely which conditions or qualities will legally constitute your being considered “incapacitated.”

Regardless of which power of attorney option you choose, it is critically important that the individual that you choose be intimately familiar with your life, how you would want issues handled, and most importantly the individual must be trustworthy and dependable.

Consult with Attorney Debra L. Steed PLLC to review your unique situation and find out whether a power of attorney may be the solution you need. Call the Steed Law Office at: (304) 865-0880.

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