Estate Planning, Family & Real Estate Lawyer for the Mid-Ohio Valley

Steed Law Office Serves Wood, Pleasants, Ritchie & Jackson Co., WV

The Steed Law Office, of Parkersburg, WV, serves the estate planning, family law, and real estate law needs for much of the Mid-Ohio Valley of West Virginia. Our service area includes:

  • Wood County
  • Pleasants County
  • Ritchie County
  • Jackson County
Real Estate Law, Family Law & Estate Planning Attorney

Attorney Debra L. Steed PLLC serves the residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley with compassionate understanding and a strong grasp of the legal aspects involved in cases of real estate law, family law, elder law, and estate planning. She understands the degree of stress and emotional turmoil involved with your situation and works to alleviate the uncertainty and fear involved with these types of emotionally charged issues. Attorney Steed works to get your case resolved expeditiously.

An Attorney Familiar with the Local Laws & Court System

Attorney Steed hails from Wood County, WV. Her familiarity with the local culture, laws, and court systems of Wood, Pleasants, Ritchie, and Jackson County help her clients achieve favorable results for their cases. Debra L. Steed is the right lawyer to help you with your legal counseling and representation needs.

Legal Help With Your Oil or Gas Lease or Resolving Royalty Disputes

With her history working in the oil and gas industry, Attorney Debra L. Steed has an insider’s understanding of the operations of oil and gas companies and how they operate in the state of West Virginia. Together with her knowledge of contract law and the laws of the state of West Virginia, Attorney Steed is the ideal lawyer to provide competent legal help. She can provide counsel and representation for all matters involving negotiating your oil and gas lease or resolving your royalty dispute in the Mid-Ohio Valley Region of West Virginia, including Wood, Ritchie, Pleasants, and Jackson County. If you are considering selling or leasing your mineral rights, Attorney Steed will fight for what you deserve. Call the Steed Law Office today: (304) 865-0880.

Debra Serves The Following Areas In West Virginia:

  • Wood
  • Pleasants
  • Ritchie
  • Wirt

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