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Divorce Proceedings Can Be a Complicated Process

Filing for a divorce in Parkersburg, West Virginia can be a complicated process that involves many legal matters, not to mention the emotional challenges that come along with the end of a marriage. During this extremely difficult time, having competent and compassionate assistance to maintain security for your future and the future of your children is extremely important. Family Law Attorney Debra L. Steed PLLC will ensure that you will be financially stable and secure after your divorce. Even in the case of a friendly and amicable divorce, it is important to have expert assistance to make sure that all legal matters have been taken care of properly.

Child Custody & Visitation

The end of a marriage affects the entire family. Determining Child custody and visitation arrangements are an important part of the divorce process. Attorney Debra L. Steed PLLC will help you work through the child custody process to ensure that your children will be taken care of and that visitation schedules will be made in favor of the children’s best interests. Various things are taken into consideration when working out a child custody plan including:

  • Children’s Ages
  • Degree of Parental Involvement
  • Number of Children
  • Parents’ Work Schedules

The Steed Law Office will work with you to ensure that the needs of both you and your children are being met and will continue to be met in the future.

Child Support & Financial Responsibility

Child support plans are designed to ensure that both parents will be financially responsible for the needs of their children with a payment plan based on each individual’s total income. Many factors are taken into consideration when setting up a child support plan including health insurance, day care, and living expenses for the children. Many different plans can be made according to your family’s circumstances and needs. Attorney Steed PLLC can help you decide what type and amount of child support is right for you and your children.

Guardianship Matters & Responsibility

Have you considered who would take care of your children in case you or the other parent becomes unable to continue fulfilling your parental duties? Unfortunately, untimely death and incapacitating injuries are an ever-present possibility. Choosing an appropriate guardian for your children requires much consideration regarding who would be the right fit. There are several factors to consider, including:

  • Would they able to handle to responsibility?
  • Do they have the same morals and beliefs as you?
  • Would your children have to relocate?

Questions like these should be taken into consideration before you decide on a legal guardian for your children. Attorney Steed will prepare the appropriate guardianship documents so that your children’s well being will be assured in case you become unable to continue on with your parental duties in the future.

Child Support & Visitation Agreement Modifications

Even after the legal documents have been signed, there is always the option to make changes to your legal agreements. Child support and visitation agreements can always be modified to better meet the needs of you and your children. Modifications to financial support and alimony agreements can also be arranged. Attorney Steed will help you understand your options when it is time to modify these types of legal agreements.

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