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Both parents are legally responsible for paying for the financial support of the child according to West Virginia state law. Several factors are involved in determining who pays what and how much:

  • The Amount is Determined by a Formula that Considers How Many Children are Involved and the Combined Income of Both Parents
  • The Custodial Parent (or Whichever Parent the Child Lives with More of the Year) Typically Receives the Child Support Payment
  • The Parent who has a Higher Income is Responsible for Paying a Larger Share of the Total Child Support Payment
Factors Affecting Child Support Payments in West Virginia
Many factors are involved in determining the actual child support payments made in West Virginia. Child support plans are designed to ensure that both parents will be financially responsible for the needs of their children with a payment plan based on each individual’s total income. Many factors are taken into consideration when setting up a child support plan including health insurance, day care, and living expenses for the children. Many different plans can be made according to your family’s circumstances and needs. Attorney Steed PLLC can help you decide what type and amount of child support is right for you and your children. There are also various exceptions that are made in the following situations:
  • Child Support Being Paid for Other Children
  • More Than Six Children Involved
  • One Parent Has Inconsistent Income
  • Parents’ Expenses
  • Special Needs
  • Visitation Costs

Please visit the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources for additional information which includes a general table of child support payments according to the parents’ combined gross monthly income, the legal guidelines and provisions involved, and the worksheets that are used to help determine child support payment amounts.

Child Support Agreement Modifications in Parkersburg, WV

Child support agreements may be modified at any time as necessary to meet the needs of the parents and children involved in these legal agreements in Parkersburg, WV. The court can be petitioned at any time to adjust child support agreements. Child support orders tend to be altered frequently as circumstances change over time to meet the needs of the family. The Steed Law Office will provide legal counsel and representation to assist you with setting up fair and appropriate child support agreements and modifications.

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