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Physical and Legal Custody of a Child in Parkersburg

Child custody matters tend to be emotionally charged issues. The legal system is frequently relied upon to make decisions for the parties involved when parents, guardians, and other concerned parties are unable to agree to a satisfactory plan on their own. The court is called upon to make decisions regarding parenting, care, custody, and visitation of minor children when agreements cannot otherwise be reached.

The Steed Law Office provides quality legal representation for individuals involved in child custody matters and disputes in Parkersburg, WV and surrounding vicinities.

When dealing with the welfare and care of a child, there are two main types of custody to consider: physical custody and legal custody.

Physical Custody of a Child

The right to keep the child with you at your own home. The individual with whom the child lives all or most of the time is known as the Custodial Parent (who has sole or primary physical custody). The other parent (the Non-Custodial Parent) is then typically awarded visitation rights of varying degrees. When the child spends significant time with both parents, joint physical custody tends to be awarded by the court.

Legal Custody of a Child

The right and duty to make decisions regarding the child’s life and wellbeing belongs to the parent with legal custody of the child. Typically, joint legal custody is awarded unless one of the parents has a history of issues that pose a concrete danger to the child’s safety.

When joint legal custody exists, both parents share in deciding what decisions are best for their child. Joint legal custody is the preferred arrangement in most cases despite any animosity or moral disagreements between parents. The only exceptions are when one parent is abusive to the child or fails to abide by the custody agreement. If a parent sharing joint legal custody fails to allow the other parent to be involved with the decision-making actions for the child, the court will enforce the custody agreement.

If one parent is belligerent and refuses to allow access to the child, the other parent can petition the court for sole custody. The child has the right to have the support of both parents in his life, regardless of any animosity between the parents.

The court can be petitioned at any time to adjust child custody agreements and these agreements tend to be altered frequently as circumstances change over time. The Steed Law Office will provide legal counsel and representation to assist you with setting up fair and appropriate child custody and visitation agreements and modifications.

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